Maintaining a Router Table

Since I realized that we need a wood workshop in our art center, I have been buying different tools, some of them cheap and some quite expensive. However, I do not want to be in the stores every year looking for new tools, I want to be able to maintain these in prime condition all the time.

This is why I have been looking for the best maintenance tips for wood tools. Thankfully, woodwork is one of the most popular subjects among people that love to work with their hands. Thus, there is a lot of information online about how to maintain the woodwork tools.

One of the tools that I am particularly interested in knowing how to care for and maintain it in prime condition all the time is the router table. It is costly, but it is also a very helpful tool to have in the workshop. Luckily, I have found it to be quite popular and here, I will share some of the maintenance tips that I found, with you.

Cleaning the router table top

Wood working helper with dust collector

Cleaning is where everything starts. You see, as you work on wood, a lot of dust is going to collect on the table top. Thus, you would need to vacuum this off. It should be easy for you to do that. Just remove the fence so that you can vacuum the table. If there isn’t a lot of dust on the table, you can clean it off with a damp piece of cloth. Just wipe the table with outward motions toward the edges. Ensure that no water gets to the router bit.

Cleaning the base plate and router bit

A lot of dust gets to the router bit and so with time, you should remove the dust and keep it clean. You also need to know that the base plate can wear out fast, so you also need to keep a keen eye on it. For the router bit, you will need to apply lubricating oil on it. Check it out carefully so that you can spot any signs of wear and tear. If it needs to be replaced, do it.

You should also check the base plate and the table and ensure they are in the same plane. If they are not, you can use an Allen wrench to set them right. Also, if you can raise the base plate a bit, you will be able to see whether there is dust underneath, which you can remove and lower the plate again.

The fence

Wood working helper with fence and lift

Whether it is the solid or the split fence, it needs to be maintained with care. Thankfully, this is not too hard and the sooner you do it, the better you will get at it. Among some of the things that you can do is lubricate the fasteners with grease, and get rid of he dust that may have collected on the fence on the cutting side.

Apart from knowing how to clean the router table, you also need to know how to store it just right. Thankfully, all of this information is going to be included in the user manual, so refer to it all the time.